Our Programs


Education & Collaboration

The Foundation’s education initiatives engage outreach with international organizations, public health leadership, civic organizations, prospective collaborators and stakeholders to further global partnerships in the eradication of Dengue. Educational programs further diagnostic capacities on Dengue, address its prevalence and local risks in given territories through surveillance and data collection activities, review challenges and solutions in obtaining treatment such as lack of health infrastructure, support ActRx "train the trainer" programs for physicians and allied health practitioners, and facilitate strategic planning, research, policy and program workshops to identify, assess and share ActRx priorities and practices.

Medical Research

ActRx Foundation, Inc.’s medical research program facilitates research awards and fellowships to individuals and teams working for qualified research institutions to participate in the international standard of four-phase clinical trials on the treatment of Dengue, as required to achieve approvals for ActRx TriAct® charitable distribution. The Foundation works with universities, research institutions, public health agencies, collaborating health institutions, governments, foundations, and related stakeholders in basic, clinical and public health trials that involves the participation of 10+ low and middle income countries.

Future Charitable Treatment Distribution

ActRx Foundation, Inc.’s long-term charitable goal is to facilitate the delivery of treatments for Dengue internationally, following the establishment of required approvals for ActRx TriAct®. In cooperation with corporate, NGO and philanthropic sponsors, ActRx Foundation, Inc. supports charitable distribution of medicines on a small to large scale, whether for individual clinics serving groups of villages, or for national programs.

Education & Collaboration

ActRx Foundation, Inc. depends greatly on international collaboration with health institutions, hospitals and health facilities, research groups, foreign governments and Departments of Health, and related organizations for joint participation in fulfilling shared charitable missions. As part of combined education, research and fundraising efforts, ActRx Foundation, Inc. reaches out to the international community to cultivate strategic relationships that work towards the treatment and eradication of Dengue.

ActRx Foundation, Inc. organizes and manages three (3) types of education programs on dengue fever, which are all led by ActRx Foundation, Inc. supported medical research physicians. The Foundation publishes reports on the results of each session:

I.     Health Practitioner Seminars: Seminars for health practitioners cover the signs and symptoms of Dengue, how it manifests and progresses into severe Dengue with risk of death, global prevalence and environmental risks of contracting the disease. The seminars also foster discussion on research and initiatives including medical interventions and environmental protections.  

II.   Collaborative Seminars: Collaborative seminars draw on the expertise of health research institutions, health policy experts, environmental organizations, foundations, and related international leaders. Events address specific dengue related issues including mortality, demographic trends, historical shifts, issues in disease promotion such as lack of access to healthcare, partnerships between health and environmental programs, current research on the disease and health interventions. 

III.  Diplomatic Sessions: Diplomatic sessions bring together government officials, health organizations, leading diaspora, civic organizations, related NGOs and foundations to share both top-down and bottom-up medical conditions. Events address juvenile Dengue, prevalence among represented nations, medical infrastructure challenges in reaching patients, and methods for advancing communities beyond the cycle of Dengue.

Medical Research

ActRx Foundation, Inc. engages in advanced, high level partnerships with US and foreign organizations that qualify to participate in medical research. Collaborating and sponsored groups provide the Foundation with much needed medical data regarding the safety, efficacy, risk, and overall quality of the ActRx TriAct® treatment towards achieving the required approvals that the Foundation addresses towards the provision of charitable and donated medicines to those Dengue infected populations with greatest need.

Ongoing studies examine both variance in Dengue serotypes, gender, age level, co-morbid conditions, and related variables. ActRx Foundation, Inc. requests proposals from US and foreign candidate institutions for engaging phase-specific or multi-phase clinical trials within international standard Phase I-IV protocols, which facilitate objective and competitive reviews of ActRx TriAct® as an experimental treatment for Dengue.


Through ongoing study in regions impacted by Dengue, as supported also by corporate sponsors, patients would have direct access to ActRx TriAct® at no cost to the patient or medical providers, in joint effort to immediately reduce the morbidity and mortality of Dengue.

The ActRx Foundation, Inc engages a Request for Proposal

(RFP) process for ongoing medical research.

Future Charitable
Treatment Distribution


ActRx Foundation, Inc.’s long-term charitable goal is to facilitate the delivery of treatments for Dengue internationally, following the establishment of required approvals for ActRx TriAct®.


In participation with corporate and philanthropic sponsors, ActRx Foundation, Inc. supports charitable distribution of medicines on small to large scale, such as for foreign public hospitals, or individual clinics serving groups of villages.

ActRx Foundation, Inc. conducts feasibility studies to determine beneficiary groups in greatest need by mortality and morbidity rates per location, especially among children, plus local medical infrastructuralresources required to appropriately deliver treatment for Dengue. The Foundation engages fundraising practices based on both locations of greatest need as paired with charitable partnerships in those territories.

As the Foundation is dependent on global partnerships in research and development for the treatment of Dengue, participating nations are given first priority for charitable distribution of free and discounted medications, in reflection of both the Foundation’s gratitude for those partnerships and the Foundation’s recognition of Dengue prevalence in the given nation.