Juvenile Dengue

Multiple international reports are showing youth ages 0 - 19 years as comprising between 74-90% of Dengue cases, especially in warm and humid climates where Dengue is most prevalent. Further, a medical publication out of India suggests: Clinical manifestations of DHF/DSS are more significantly associated with death in infants compared with older children.


According to the American Journal of Tropical Medicine: Children living in, traveling and migrating to dengue-endemic regions are at greater risk for contracting Dengue. In these territories, local populations experience prevalence of Dengue predominantly in infants and children. 

In addition, multiple published studies suggest pediatricians in communities with prevalence of Dengue and large migrant populations originating from any of the 130+ Dengue-endemic countries must be prepared to diagnose Dengue and recognize warning signs for this destabilizing and deadly disease.

According to the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and multiple international health research institutions, Dengue hits hardest against youth populations in both morbidity and mortality rates. In multiple territories, Dengue is a leading cause of hospitalization and death especially among children. These leading health institutions, plus multiple infectious disease and pediatric physicians, researchers and professional medical publications are increasingly warning the health community, parents and caregivers that Dengue is surprisingly and increasingly life threatening among children.