Global Dengue Prevalence

Combined reports from multiple leading institutions including the World Health Organization, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, and numerous independent Ministries of Health are collectively exhibiting that Dengue is a growing international health crisis, having grave impacts also against children.


About 392 million cases of Dengue occur every year, in over 140 nations. Of the known infected regions, up to 13% of each national population is suffering with Dengue. Further, a larger majority of those cases are among youth ages 0-19. The mortality rate of Dengue is relatively high, at an estimated 1-5% without treatment, less than 1% with adequate treatment, and 26% for those with severe Dengue. Among children, the mortality rate is greatest for youth ages 5-9, however 84.5% of all dengue-related deaths are among children ages 0-19.

Asia is reportedly experiencing the greatest number of cases, due in large part to an ongoing crisis in India where there are 99.7 million cases. Medical researchers from India report also that 90% of those cases are among youth.

The image of this toddler is from an awareness campaign in the Philippines:

"There was little that doctors could do for this 3-year-old boy. Like thousands before him he had reached the most dangerous phase of the disease, Dengue Shock Syndrome, and he died of internal bleeding and organ failure three days after being admitted."

For more information on the global prevalence of Dengue, please refer to the following websites:

International Research Consortium on Dengue Risk Assessment, Management and Surveillance (IDAMS)

Dengue Map: By US Centers for Disease Control

Reference: "The Global Distribution and Burden of Dengue", April 25, 2013, sponsored by RAPIDD program of the Science &

Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security, and the FogartyInternational Center, National Institutes of Health




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