Clinical Trials

The ActRx Foundation, Inc., as Sponsor, is currently engaged in international Clinical Trials involving ActRx TriAct® Treatments, using Protocols developed and approved by an institutional Ethics Board consisting of world renowned, Infectious Disease physician-specialists and researchers, under the regulation of the Government of the Philippines, Department of Health in a public-private partnership.

ActRx TriAct® and ActRx TriAct Plus® are patent pending treatments for Dengue and Malaria respectively, developed and produced exclusively by ActRx Operational Group, Ltd. (

The investigations include: 


(a) The Impact of the Use of ActRx TriAct® in Addition to the Standard of Care in the Management of Dengue:

A Randomized Open-Labelled Clinical Trial


(b) A Clinical Trial Demonstrating the Efficacy and Safety of ActRx TriAct Plus® in Malaria Patients Treated in Several Facilities in the Philippines


(c) Expansive National Application Program Utilizing ActRx TriAct® (ENAPUActRx) - The Efficacy and Safety of ActRx TriAct® in the Treatment of Dengue Patients - A Multi-Center, Prospective Cohort Study

The Dengue Story


Chief of Clinical Division San Lazaro Hospital

Chairman, San Lazaro Hospital Research and Ethics Committee


“Despite extensive efforts of the Government Public and Private Agencies to control Dengue, outbreaks of the disease with mortality of +1% are occurring in our country. Clinicians are currently using the WHO-DOH Dengue Case Management Guideline which is basically only supportive. When we received the ActRx TriAct® Protocol at San Lazaro Hospital, ‘ we did a thorough, Full Board Review and found that the Study was well worth doing in hopes of finding a curative solution for Dengue. In terms of Safety and Efficacy, these drugs two of these drugs are currently being used in the treatment of Malaria, and the third is marketed globally as a supplement. With the success of this new combination on Dengue, this drug will now be tried on other diseases with like indications.”

ActRx Philippines


Chairman, San Lazaro Hospital Pediatric Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Department

Principle Author and Principal Investigator

“When we began the ActRx TriAct® Study in San Lazaro Hospital, we learned very quickly that the patients were easily relieved of abdominal pain and that they hardly ever began bleeding. With these initial findings, we knew for a fact, that we had finally found the therapeutic treatment for Dengue”.

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