ActRx TriAct®

ActRx TriAct® is a new groundbreaking treatment for Dengue, also known as Dengue Fever, using a unique, patent pending, proprietary formulation. ActRx TriAct® is an herbal based combination therapy, developed and provided exclusively by ActRx Operational Group, Ltd., an international pharmaceutical company. This revolutionary combination treats the Dengue infection in a 2-day therapy by stopping the viral replication, eliminating symptoms, addressing the disease before it becomes more severe and preventing death.

ActRx TriAct® is currently undergoing Clinical Trials and studies in a broad range of Dengue case types and demographics, from youth to seniors.

Through founding research and ongoing clinical study in a private-public partnership with a well recognized, international Department of Health, ActRx Foundation, Inc. and all related parties have affirmed the safety and efficacy of ActRx TriAct® for the treatment of Dengue. The treatment consists of a proprietary ActRx Sublingual Spray (a patent pending ActRx medical delivery technology), in combination with specific dosages of tablets that comprise the other components the treatment.

This new treatment raises the bar on current medical methodologies, by providing a lower risk and a far more accessible solution that uniquely requires no injection. Having no requirement for needles, ActRx TriAct® addresses major concerns relating to practical use in medical treatment for the developing world, such as lack of medical resources for proper use of injectables and preventing the spread of other infectious disease through repeated needle use, including HIV/AIDS. ActRx TriAct® is a practical treatment for use worldwide, as it's a totally Oral treatment.


Recent clinical trials on safety and efficacy exhibit the ActRx TriAct® impact on Dengue as offering an advancement to the current Standard of Care, without adverse reactions, and without the use of needles. From a recent report, ActRx Foundation, Inc. sponsored medical research found the following key results with ActRx TriAct® as compared to the current Standard of Care, in addition to numerous other important positive benefits:

1.  Faster elimination of viral antigen in the serum which is the culprit

     in the further progression of the disease into a severe form like

     plasma leakage and severe bleeding;

2.  Rapid resolution of the clinical signs and symptoms of dengue; and

3.  Faster normalization of the laboratory parameters such as white

     blood cells (WBC) and absolute platelet count.

            “…ActRx TriAct® treatment shortened the disease process, decreased viral antigen (NS1), risk reduction of bleeding, faster normalization of the hematological picture, early resolution of the clinical symptoms and enhancement of the immune system allowing early production of neutralizing antibodies.”

ActRx Foundation, Inc. is encouraged by the health promoting quality of ActRx TriAct® as it utilizes a combination of pills and sublingual spray, not requiring any needle use. The risk of utilizing needles in developing countries is very high, in that there is a lack of medical professionals, health facilities,  water and sanitation, and therefore high risk for disease promotion through potential misuse of the needles. The special ActRx TriAct® treatment provides human subjects with a complete dosing package per patient. Each treatment contains a specific set of tablets along with an individual sublingual spray bottle, which is solely for one course of treatment, by a single patient. This unique sublingual spray delivery also eliminates the potential for over-dosing, as the spray bottle is only used and emptied one time, and after use the  spray bottle is discarded and is not functional for reuse.


ActRx Foundation, Inc. supports ActRx TriAct® as a promising answer to the international community’s need to treat Dengue, through the continued sponsorship and facilitation of ongoing clinical trials, education and awareness, outreach and related programs for nations around the world in need.

The World Health Organization (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), US National Institutes of Health (NIH), multiple Ministries of Health worldwide, Mayo Clinic, and other prominent health leaders consistently cite that there is no specific medicine available for the treatment of Dengue, or more formally Dengue Fever. The introduction of ActRx TriAct® through clinical trials, in cooperation with multiple health leaders having background with WHO in developing Dengue treatment standards, presents a prospective answer for the medical care of hundreds of millions of patients suffering with Dengue internationally.