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Advancing Treatment for Dengue through Sponsorship of Clinical Trials

Dengue, also referred to as Dengue Fever, is one of the first infectious disease programs addressed by the Foundation, through sponsorship of Clinical Trials and R&D to find a viable treatment. Dengue studies were followed by Clinical Trial sponsorship for a Malaria treatment, as well as continuing research sponsorship into other infectious and tropical diseases and conditions such as Zika, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, Japanese Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, Sleeping Sickness, Dysentery, malnutrition and others at various stages of strategic program engagement.


Dengue is #5 in the Top 10 infectious and tropical diseases, involving about 392 million cases per year.  The mortality rate of Dengue is relatively high, at an estimated 1-5% without treatment, less than 1% with adequate treatment, and 26% for those with severe Dengue.

According to WHO, UNICEF, and multiple international health experts Dengue is hitting hardest against children, showing 77.2% of Dengue cases are among children, and 84.5% of Dengue-related deaths are among children. This means that of the nearly 400 million of cases of Dengue worldwide, over 300 million are children ages 0-19 years.

A 2014 UNU-INWEH Report on Mapping Global Vulnerability to Dengue states that, "Dengue is estimated to infect close to 400 million people and cause 250,000-500,000 cases of severe Dengue annually, leading to hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, countless hours of lost productivity, and approximately 20,000 deaths per year (Bhatt et. al., 2013; Gubler, 1998; Suaya et al., 2007)."

(United Nations University, Institute for Water, Environment and Health, 2014)