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The Power of Dengue


Based on worldwide data accumulation and analysis, our most recent DENGUE ('Dengue Fever') research estimates show*:

  • Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease, already endemic in over 100 countries and reaching epidemic levels in some regions

  • 40% of the World's Population (nearly 3 Billion) now AT RISK of infection

  • 1,073,973 Cases per DAY   (392,000,000 Cases per YEAR)

  • In regions without any treatment, up to 53,699 people may DIE each DAY

  • When only adequate treatment is available up to 10,740 may DIE each DAY

  • 26% of Cases of Severe Dengue (such as DHF or DSS) may likely DIE

  • 85% of All Deaths are CHILDREN at ages 0-19

  • Highest Mortality is for CHILDREN at ages 5-9


* Sources Include WHO, CDC, NIH, GNNTD, JHU, UNU and others (per. 2014-2016)